Social Media Policy

The Pristine Place Facebook page offers  a community forum for residents, providing a platform for discussion and the sharing of information relevant to our neighborhood.


The Pristine Place Facebook page is intended to provide a community forum for residents, offering a platform for updates, discussion, and the sharing of information relevant to our neighborhood. It is essential that members interact in a way that is respectful and constructive. The following guidelines aim to ensure that our social media presence is beneficial, informative, and inclusive for all residents.


This policy outlines acceptable practices for using the official [Your HOA Name] social media platforms. It aims to encourage responsible use of social media, ensuring interactions on our platforms are respectful, community-focused, and in line with the values and regulations of our HOA.

General Guidelines:

  1. Be Respectful: All posts and comments should be made in a spirit of respect and civility. Personal attacks, obscenities, offensive comments, and aggressive behavior are prohibited.

  2. No Harassment and Discrimination: Comments shall not be threatening, discriminatory, or harassing in nature. Any content that disparages individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other protected classification is strictly prohibited.

  3. Relevance: Posts should be relevant to the community. Avoid posting content unrelated to Pristine Place, its operations, events, or residents.

  4. Privacy: Refrain from sharing personal information, photos, or private communications without explicit consent from the individuals involved. This includes the sharing of personal information about other residents or board members.

  5. No Commercial Activity: The community page is not a marketplace. Advertising, promotional material, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation will be removed.

  6. Issue Reporting: Use appropriate channels for reporting community issues. While discussing matters is encouraged, formal complaints or service requests should be directed to the HOA management team through official channels, not via social media posts.

  7. Content Accuracy: Share information responsibly. Spreading misinformation, rumors, or making libelous statements against individuals or the HOA is prohibited.

  8. Moderation Policy: To maintain a constructive environment, the HOA reserves the right to remove any content that violates this policy, and users may be banned or blocked at the discretion of the page administrators. This includes repeat offenders and individuals who consistently engage in disruptive behavior.


Non-compliance with the above guidelines may result in the removal of posts/comments and, ultimately, a ban from the Pristine Place social media platforms. Serious breaches will be addressed per our community’s governing documents and may involve further action.


The Pristine Place Facebook page is a community resource. It is our shared responsibility to keep our discussions here reflective of the inclusive, supportive neighborhood we strive to maintain.

For questions about this policy or to report violations, please contact Communication Committee.