Instructions for Social Media Moderators (Facebook)

It’s crucial for moderators to strike a balance between maintaining a positive space and upholding residents’ rights to express valid concerns.

  1. Encourage Positive Interaction:

    • Prioritize the promotion and highlighting of positive exchanges, helpful information, and constructive conversations to foster a supportive online community atmosphere.
    • Remove comments that are inherently negative, complaining in nature, or do not contribute constructively to the discussions. However, be cautious to differentiate between general negativity and constructive criticism that may benefit the community.
    • Guide conversations tactfully, encouraging residents to focus on solutions and positive actions rather than dwelling on problems or conflicts.
  2. Monitor Regularly: Actively monitor comments and posts from community members to ensure prompt responses and immediate action where necessary.

  3. Enforce Respectful Communication:

    • Immediately remove comments that contain personal attacks, obscenities, offensive remarks, or any form of aggressive behavior.
    • Warn the offending parties, reminding them of the community‚Äôs standards for respectful dialogue.
  4. Prevent Harassment and Discrimination:

    • Be vigilant for and remove any content that is threatening, discriminatory, or constitutes harassment.
    • Content disparaging individuals based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected classification should be removed promptly.
  5. Maintain Relevance:

    • Remove off-topic comments or posts to ensure discussions remain focused on community matters.
    • Guide members to appropriate channels for unrelated queries or personal concerns.
  6. Protect Privacy:

    • Delete posts that share private information or photos of residents without consent, including personal details about community members or board personnel.
    • Contact the individual who posted private information, explaining the reason for the content’s removal and the importance of privacy.
  7. Prohibit Commercial Content:

    • Remove any unauthorized advertisements, solicitations, or promotional material immediately.
  8. Handle Community Grievances Appropriately:

    • Direct residents to official HOA communication channels for formal complaints or service requests, emphasizing that the Facebook page is not the place for airing grievances that require official attention.
  9. Ensure Accurate Information:

    • Correct or remove misinformation while guiding residents toward verified sources or official communications.
    • Prevent the spread of rumors by providing factual information.
  10. Exercise Fair Moderation:

    • Approach moderation fairly and consistently, using the established guidelines.
    • Document reasons for removing content or blocking users, and communicate these reasons to the affected parties where appropriate.
  11. Report Serious Violations:

    • Escalate serious or repeated violations to Communication Committee chairperson or Board member, as these may require intervention beyond social media moderation.