Access Control Devices

Bar Codes and Fobs are methods of entry at our gates and clubhouse and are purchased by Owners of properties in Pristine Place, or renters with submission of proof of leasing agreements.

Bar Code is a bar-faced adhesive sticker that attaches to the outside passenger side window of a vehicle that allows entrance to any of our three gates for Pristine Place via bar code scanner reading.

Fob is a small (2”) key ring attachment that allows entrance to the clubhouse and the exercise/pool entrance. Pass the Fob by the scanning device at the door to gain entry. Fobs also allows entry at the St Ives (main) gate by passing it over the scanner located near the call box at the St. Ives main entrance.

Purchase of Access Devices 

Bar Codes and Fobs are available for sale at the clubhouse office doing these hours 

Pristine Place Clubhouse
4350 St. Ives Blvd
352 683-9853
Directory/Gate Code: 001


Effective with the month of February 2022 Sales of Bar Codes and Fobs, as well and Welcomes and Phone Number Changes schedule will be as follows:
Monday 10:30AM to 1:00PM
Wednesday 6:30PM to 8:30PM
Friday 6:30PM to 8:30PM

Any emergency situation contact Carol Ruland at 352-684-2628.

Cost per Access Control Device 

New Bar codes are $10.00

Replacement Bar codes are $5.00

Fobs are $8.00

Payable by Check (payable to Pristine Place HOA), Money Order, Credit or Debit Card

All residents must show proof of residency. Vendors must provide a business card with address and phone number for our records.

Deletion of Devices

Device numbers are automatically deleted from our system upon the end of property ownership; moving out of the community at the end of a lease; or the termination of occupancy with another homeowner. We ask for your cooperation in maintaining the deletion of obsolete Bar Codes and Fobs by letting us know about persons leaving our community.

If you have a question please contact Access Control Coordinator, Carol Ruland at 352 683-9853 during office hours or 352 684-2628


Instructions for Operation of the Call Box at the Front Gate

(St Ives Blvd & Minnie Dr)

Now that you have been given your three (3) digit code, the following will assist you in recognizing the telephone number assigned to the front gate call box. Please note, ONLY your 3 digit code should be pressed to allow the front gate call box to call the phone number you have given Access Control to call you.

The number at the Front Gate Call Box is 813-468-1389 which is a number that is not seen, however, a number assigned by the phone carrier.

If you set up a hard line phone to call you from the front gate call box, we suggest that you write the number 813-468-1389 somewhere near your phone to familiarize yourself. Then you will be aware that the person calling is at the front gate call box and you will be able to allow access. After identifying the caller press the number 9 on your telephone keypad. You will not be able to communicate once you have pressed the number 9 as the gate will be opening.

If you set up a cell phone to call you from the front gate call box, we suggest that you set up a contact in your cell phone as Pristine Gate with the gate number 813-468-1389. You will then have immediate knowledge that someone is at the front gate. Ask who it is and if you want access given to the person, simply press the number 9 on your cell phone key pad. You will not be able to communicate once you have pressed the number 9 as the gate will be opening.

Any questions on the above please call Carol Ruland at 352-684-2628.